Monday, 7 April 2014

Exploring other anti-bullying animations

Now I know I want to produce an anti-bullying animation I want to explore other peoples animations. As animation can be very complex but also very simple. Below I have listed a variety of animations which I found influential and evaluated them in terms of what they do and how they achieve their goal.
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I found this animation to be incredibly simple. The wording over the top was someone older, which suggests they were reading from a persons diary which could be more emotional. As it could be from the perspective of a parent and that could explore the emotion they feel at their sons death. The animation uses simple drawings which contrasts with the backgrounds as it seems to combine two different types of drawing. The person looks simple and has not great detail which gives it more emotion I feel. The animation itself is short and to the point which gives it more direction and keeps the viewer interested. The ending I found the most powerful. The fact he hung himself in front of the school gives a huge impact on what he experienced. From this I learnt that simplicity is powerful and that the use of dark colours mirror the darkness a person feels when placed in this situation.

Now, this video is in Spanish I believe so I couldn't understand any of the words. However, the reason I still watched it is because I was drawn to the animation style. I loved how simple it was, the drawings were down on a background which looked like a school book. This showed the significance of school and how it impacts a child's life if they are bullied. I also felt that I could understand what he was experiencing through the drawings. This reinforced to me how important the drawings are in communicating the narrative to the audience.

There are many other anti-bullying short films available online however, I want to focus on animation as opposed to video and these two - as well as To This Day, an animation I studied in my previous post What Next? were very good animated anti-bullying campaigns. They showed me that the animation doesn't have to be perfect and that it can be slightly rough as it will mirror the emotion the victim feels. I also found the dark colours and subdued colours are good to help support the emotions a person goes through. Looking back over some pervious work I found this colour chart:
I feel I could use this when creating my animation as I could develop the colour alongside the development of the narrative e.g. slowly change the background colour in each frame to make it look realistic.

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