Friday, 9 May 2014

Alterations to animation

When I began my exam there were a few things I thought of during the exam which I needed to work on.


I realized my animation had no definitive opening and therefore I needed to create one. When creating my introduction I wanted it to link somehow to the rest of my work. Therefore I placed the 'Report Abuse' logo on the front and then also placed it on the leaflet to pull it all together. I wrote the words "speak out about BULLYING" as my animation is someone telling their account of their bullying experiences.

Introduction to animation:
If it fails to play go on this link:

Anti-Bullying Animation from Amy Taylor on Vimeo.

When creating my introduction I found the lines went very thick every time I duplicated the layer, therefore, I kept the background layer of each layer blank and then placed each element on a new layer to keep the previous image lit but not duplicated. I also merged the introduction with the first image of my animation so that it flowed into the next scene. My plan is to start the vocals once the house is fully on the screen.

Scene 6 changes

When I began making scene 6 I found a few problems. The images weren't on screen as long as they should of been and therefore they didn't match the vocals. Also when the loo roll zoomed it it made it look poor quality. Therefore I changed it and instead of having it zoom in I added a lock and when the lock came on it matched the timing of when she says "I locked myself" that way it fits with the theme. I had to draw this freehand however as I didn't have enough time to draw it up on paper then scan it in. I will now put the words on the lock. Below is how scene 6 now looks:

If the file fails to play click this link:

scene 6 from Amy Taylor on Vimeo.

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