Thursday, 13 March 2014

What Next?

My work is truly about the effects of bullying. I feel incredibly passionate about this idea. The concept that one human being can go out of their way to hurt both emotionally and physically another human beings life baffles me. How bullies think so little about the impact they have on their victims makes it even more tragic. I wanted to try and explore the impact bullying has on the victim how they can feel trapped behind the words and bruises and how dark it can make their lives. I used a single model and dark lighting in an attempt to replicate this and explore the effects bullying has on the victim. However, I want my work to be emotional. I feel so passionate about this subject and am strongly against the idea of bullying. When I hear horror stories in the news about young people who have been so badly bullied that it leads them to suicide fills me with anger. I want my work to stand out and make a difference. I see so many anti-bullying campaigns and these are incredibly powerful the way in which a photographer works to try and send out a message to many young people about this idea in such a bold way. I feel anti-bullying photography is even more beautiful when it is done in a minimalistic way. The lack of staged settings and the simplicity of using just a girl in a room emits more emotions than a overpowered and overdone photograph. 
Inspirational Works:

YouTube Video
This YouTube video explores the idea of anti-bullying and features an incredibly influential and powerful speech behind it:

AntiBullying Campaigns

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