Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Preparation for my Exam

Now I have done my mock-up and some further experimentation I want to look into what improvements I need to make within my animation.
  1. Research
    • Look into other animations for how they use drawings and speech
    • Simons Cat animation - how they use drawings and narrative
  2. Tightening up technical elements
    • Keep drawings consistent - use all straight lines or all free hand don't mix the two
    • Transitions between each section - pause between sections to allow audience to take on board what has been said/shown
    • Type face used needs to be consistent keep the writing the same - possibly get someone to write all words and copy them
  3. Role of colours
    • Understand colour association
    • Research the role of colours and ensure understand what each colour can represent
  4. Understand of narratives
    • Understand how narratives work
    • Experiment with timelines - keep images the same length and the same time so whole animation is consistent
  5. Improvements of the animation
    • Smiles in section 2 need to appear on page one by one
    • Where mouth is on screen with words make mouth more obvious its shouting - experiment with facial expressions
    • Report abuse logo - ensure the logo is the right colours and style
  6. Presenting the animation
    • Show animation on an iPad
    • Make a case for an iPad - use card, paper and velcro
    • Make the iPad look like a leaflet for abuse
    • Research leaflets about abuse - anti-bullying/abuse posters and leaflets - physically do this

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