Thursday, 24 April 2014

1 - Research

I have already looked into other anti-bullying animations and how they are creative. However, now I want to widen my research to look at other animations to see how other artists use narrative and drawing styles to convey meanings behind their work.

Simons Cat

Simon's cat is a animated cartoon which has developed over years into a huge thing. It is now books and mini films. Created by British animator Simon Tofield the animations feature a hungry house cat who uses increasingly heavy-handed tactics to get its owner to feed it. 

The animation uses light humour to entertain the audience. It uses simple animations to convey he narrative and all the drawings are consistent. The key theme throughout is the cat and this is highlighted by the fact that nothing else moves a lot compared to the cat. I feel it is good as it has simple drawings used consistently and in the same way. However, there doesn't appear to be much of a storyline or a narrative, yet this is because it is a series of animations so the narrative is continuous throughout all animations. 

ASDF movies

ASDF movies were made TomSka a YouTuber. They are short clips which have mini stories for each clip. They have become hugely popular as they are so simple which makes them so much funnier.

There is an element of simplicity within this animation as all the people are basic and look the same. The artist has just the same style for each person. However, there are parts where the drawing changes, this ruins the continuity of it as it makes it seem better in parts. I feel if it had been kept the same style it would have appeared better. The transitions are smooth and indicate clearly that a new section is starting. There is a good storyline for each section eve if it is only a few seconds long which helps keep the viewer interested. Also it uses minimal colour consistently which helps keep it all similar.

Warwickshire waste partnership war on waste public information

This is an animation designed to try to encourage residents of Warwickshire to reuse and recycle as much as possible. It is done in the style of a 1940s public information video highlighted with the voice over the top. It was designed to try and inform residents on recycling.

This animation uses a lot of colour and uses it well. Colour is used to make certain things stand out more than others. It is done in a 1940s style which is juxtaposed by the fact that it is a animation - a modern concept. It is quite complex in its style as it uses shading and depth of field to make certain things stand out. There is a clear meaning behind it which is conveyed through the speaker over the top, interacting with the characters and making it obvious what is going on. The animation itself simply describes what the person is saying helping the audience stay interested and understand the meaning.

Its smarter to travel in groups. Take the bus

This is an animation for a company called De Lijn, they are a travel company based on Belgium, Flanders and find ways for people to travel around Flanders by bus or tram. This is an advertisement advertising their company.

The animation has simple subtle humour and although it appears complex through its style, the fact it is just animals makes it slightly simple. Its rather amusing because its animals and is slightly bizarre. The animation style is consistent and the theme is carried out throughout the whole animation, the idea is simple travel in groups. It explains the idea in a complex way, which is good for this animation as there is no wording, however, for my own animation I feel it is slightly too complex.

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