Tuesday, 29 April 2014

2 - Tightening up technical elements

As I have done my research I found that the animations were successful as they were consistent. They came up with an idea and carried it on. The animations were either simple or complex but it never strayed for its ideas. Therefore I need to explore this within my own work.

1) Keep drawings consistent - 
In my animation I go often from having straight lines to have free hand drawings. For my animation to be successful the drawings need to be consistent. Therefore, I am going to plan my animation and hand draw myself the images, scan them in, then in the animation I will digitally draw over them.

2) Transitions between each section - 
In order for my animation to run smoothly I need to transitions to run seamlessly from one to the other. To do this I will split each sentence into sections and within each section make every drawing flow into one another then at the end of each section have a white screen to indicate that a new scene is starting to allow viewers to digest what they have just seen. 

3) Type face - 

Another thing I need to experiment with is type face as I often use words in by work and I want to find a type face which works well with my idea. Below is some hand drawn and digital fonts which I liked to use for my final animation. 

I have chosen to use the font which is left on my digital testing. I choose this as I found it worked well with my idea, it was a teenager font I felt and was very basic. The bubble writing was slightly over the top and exaggerated so by using this basic font it won't draw attention. In my animation I will digital draw over the top of the words so that it is all similar styled to tie it all in together. 

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