Friday, 2 May 2014

5 - Improvements to my Animation

When I looked through my animation I found three specific parts which needed to be altered. Below I have altered them:

Smiles in section 2 need to appear one by one -
I have changed this section from being one big face with others around it to being a person with only a few people around them. Each person will appear one by one and will be in more detail and look obviously different to the girl. Also I didn't feel the colours in this section originally worked well so I have removed the colours.

Where mouth is on screen with words make mouth more obvious its shouting - 
I have changed this by making the mouth appear more open so it is more obvious they are shouting, the mouth is also on a slight angle showing how they are shouting towards someone. I don't like the colour of the writing however in this section so need to possible look at colour representation and pick a better colour.

Report abuse logo - ensure the logo is the right colours and style - 
For this section I wanted the report abuse logo to stand out more so it was more obvious. I also wanted to ensure it was the right colours for the logo. Therefore I found the logo and copied it exactly to ensure that it was obvious. I plan to make the mouse move up the screen and when it touches the logo, the logo will light up red (the colour of the logo) to make it stand out. This is one of the only things that will be in colour to make it stand out more compared to the rest of the animation. 

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