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6 - Presenting the Animation (need to finish)

Now I have planned how I will improve my animation I need to work out how I will present it. I plan on presenting it on an iPad so it's easily view able for others e.g. examiners rather than having it on a laptop or projected onto a screen.
However, to add something to the presentation I plan on creating an iPad cover on which the viewer will open it and on the iPad will be my animation ready to play.
To keep the iPad case in-keeping with the theme of my work I will make the cover look like a leaflet about bullying and how to get help. I plan on printing and sticking the leaflet style cover onto card then using velcro I will stick the card to the iPad. 
Firstly I need to research leaflets about abuse. 

The main thing I found with all of these leaflets was the fact that they are all rather cheesy. They are good but slightly exaggerated and aren't very emotional. I want to keep this idea within my own work so when they open the leaflet they will see my more emotional animation. Another thing I liked was the hand-drawn element. I feel I could also adopt this idea as my animation is based around the idea of hand drawing all the sections and I feel I could make my leaflet a similar style to the animation to link it all together. If the leaflet contained photographic elements of colourful elements it wouldn't link very well.
Based on the mood board above I have created 6 thumbnail ideas of what my leaflet cover could look like.
  1. This idea is very basic, I plan on colouring it in black, white and red with the red being the stop sign. However, it is very basic in that it looks more like a poster than a leaflet cover and I wanted it to look like a leaflet. 
  2. I like this cover as it does look like a leaflet, however, it is very similar to another leaflet which I saw in my mood board so I will need to alter it slightly to look more like my own work.
  3. This looks very basic and childish and from my research I found that some leaflets are actually colourful and bright and look interesting as opposed to this idea.
  4. I like the simplicity of this idea. The hands show clearly the message however it does look again like a poster but if I altered it slightly I feel I could make it look more like a leaflet.
  5. This one I feel looks like a leaflet as it is clear what message it shows and you could imagine opening it to find information on how to speak out about bullying.
  6. I like this one as it has a rhetorical question so you would expect to open the leaflet to discover the answer. However, again it is very basic and simple and I feel it doesn't stand out as much as I would like.
From the ideas above I felt my best 3 were number 2, 4 and 5 as they looked best and stood out most to me. However, these are very basic ideas and I need to make them look more refined. 

I took the 3 ideas above and made them more refined:

A. I liked how simple this idea was and I feel it does link                              well to my animation as as the animation is a person speaking out about being bullied. However, I feel it looks more like a anti-bullying poster and I want my work to look like a leaflet so when you open it you have information inside.

B. I like this one a lot, it looks most like an information leaflet and the arrow conveys that the audience should open it to see whats inside. However, it needs a lot of work with colours as I don't feel having the writing in red is the right colour.

C. I feel this image is strong however, the arms look bad and need some work. I feel it clearly shows a message and much like A it is very minimal. However, also like A it looks more like a poster compared to B and I feel if I take it further I need to convert it too look more like a poster.

As my animation is hand drawn I feel the leaflet cover needs to be the same. Therefore, I am going to convert B and C into digital images to see which I prefer.

I did both of these ideas in Photoshop as that is what I will use for my animation. However, as this is going to be printed the quality of the drawing needs to be higher so when I create the cover I will do it in Illustrator as that uses vector lines so it will be better quality. I like both of these ideas however they I feel are very different. Number 1 seems to have a lot of negative space and doesn't make as much sense as number 2. Number 2 is straight to the point and explains instantly the theme of my animation. I also feel I could easily incorporate this into my animation, possibly having it at the end of the animation. Yet, I do feel that number 1 looks more like a leaflet as it has a question which could be explored within the leaflet. A main factor of these is the font used, the writing isn't great and as there is writing within my animation I feel I should try to use the same font for all writing in my animation and cover. I like the arrow from number 1 and I like the hands from number 2, so I feel it would be good to combine these ideas for my final leaflet idea. Therefore I took the images into Illustraor and began creating my final leaflet design .

I like this design and feel it is good, however, the drawing of the hands is very detailed unlike the animation itself, also I feel the design should link more to my actual animation so have certain elements from my animation within it to tie it all in together. Also my animation will be viewed landscape and I have been designing leaflets which will be portrait so I need to re-design the leaflet to be landscape. 

New idea:
I like this idea because its simple and I feel sends the message behind my work. Also the image I have used is used within my animation to show someone shouting abuse at a bully victim so subverting it's use here juxtaposes its meaning. This highlights how bully victims can be strong and speak out and links to the idea behind my animation as its a person speaking out about their bullying experiences.
Adding colour:

I like how the colour brings the piece to life a lot. My only worry is that at the moment by animation has no colour and I want to ensure the animation and leaflet are in sync with each other. As a result, I have decided to change the design. I feel this still looks more like a poster and want to change it more to look like a leaflet. Therefore, I am going back to my original idea but changing it slightly so it links in more with my animation.

Another new leaflet design:

I may a few changes to this design as I wanted to make the lines bolder. I then printed it off and turned it into a iPad cover. Below is a step-by-step of how I did it:

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