Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Experimentation - Animation

Looking at To This Day I feel incredibly emotional as the way in which the animation is made is, I feel, beautiful. Looking at the Diaries of a Bullying Victim I have created a storyboard which I will follow when I go through this animation.



Below I have wrote a story version of this using the original dairy as a base but making it my own words. I will have someone saying these words over the top of the animation.

I am so happy today. It's my birthday and I got all A's on my report. Its the best day ever.
I walked to school today and these boys called me a Sissy. Why me? I hope they don't do it again.
They keep calling me names. I feel so lonely. I hate school.
I pretended I was ill today. I stuck my fingers down my throat and threw up. I don't want to go to school.
I went online today and saw on a forum someone wrote that I should run away.
They were passing notes around in class. They wrote on it that I was a loser. That I should end it all.
I gave them what they wanted.


I wanted to create something which could be similar to To This Day and I worked with Photoshop to create this short animation. In case the embed doesn't work click this link: http://vimeo.com/89422406

bullying story from Amy Taylor on Vimeo.

I drew on separate layers each part of the animation and then collated them into folders and placed them in the timeline turning them into stop motion clips. Next I recorded a boy speaking the story I wrote earlier. I then merged all these aspects together to create the animation.

From this I found creating an animation was an incredibly good way of showing the growth of bullying and how it can change a persons feelings about the world around them. The use of images relating to the story rather than using a person going through these feelings. I found it was something different and something I may look into in future. The use of basic colours and simple drawings reflect a young age and that the person the story is about is a young age. Mirrored by the hand written note on the final scene. 

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