Thursday, 20 March 2014

Experimentation - Illustration

Previously I have looked at anti bullying campaigns. One which grabbed my attention was the one on the left. I have decided to try and re-create this in my own way and have used words which I highlighted in my previous research about Dairy Entries from Victims of Bullying. I like how simply this image is and I want to try and create something similar to this.
However, I want to focus on the words replacing the noose therefore I am going to try and take a upclose shot of someone with their head in a similar position.

Photograph -> Illustration

To begin with I took a photograph of a girl in a position which I thought reflected someone who was hanging. I focused on the upper body. I then took the photograph into illustrator drew around it adding detail in. I then took it into Photoshop and coloured in the silhouette with black and cropped it down. I then added words, warping the text around her neck so it looked realistic.

I feel this is a good simple image however it is not very powerful. I want to convey strong emotion and make my work evoke a response from viewers to try and show them the danger of bullying. Therefore I feel this isn't successful. I could work more with font experiment with how different fonts can help emphasise different emotions and then possibly develop the idea further by working with text. Below is a quick sketch I conducted working with different fonts.

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