Thursday, 20 March 2014

Experimentation - Working with Words

From my illustration I found playng with fonts very interesting, which led me to think how I can play with words. I create a 'wordle' style A4 image and then printed it a and played around with paint, ripping and projecting. The image on the left is the original.

For this image I used a light brown/orange water paint colour over the backdrop then selected a few colours and coloured over certain words/phrases which stood out to me.
I could develop this by possibly burning the edges.
For this image I covered it in a water colour blue and then placed more and more water over it to make it wet. When it was wet I scrunched it up and this mad it have a crying effect.
From this experiment I found that by working with a printed image, covering it in water and scrunching it up gave it the effect of being tear stained. I could work with this more and possibly create tear stains on a printed image.
For this image I did a monoprint. I did this purely for an experiment, I have previously done a monoprint and I thought it looked nice and wanted to investgate the effect it gave if I did it on a bunch of text. The text didn't look very different as a monoprint and didn't change much.
I don't really like this ideas, it isn't great for my theme and concept.

Taking the words I projected them onto the face of a model. I added water under the models eyes to give
the illusion of her crying.

This was my final edited image. I worked with overlaying white on the face to make it look more pale and possibly resemble death. I found that the words didn't read very well on the face and that I needed to make the words clearer. I could make the words smaller on the face and use a projector closer to the face. to try and ensure the words aren't blurred.
I think I could develop this idea by possibly working on a bigger part of the body - perhaps the back - and project the story of someones bullying victimisation onto their back to be read. I could also project a group of pictures which  show the growth and evolution of bullying. Below is a quick sketch I drew of this idea.

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