Monday, 24 March 2014

Experimentation - Working with Studio Lighting

Many photographs which I found relating to the idea of anti-bullying were shot with good lighting and as result of this I want to work with studio lighting and try to play around with emotions and the power of light and angles.

Idea 1 -

Again I want to work with words and I am planning on writing on a girls hand and then photograph the hand with the girl looking vulnerable. The photograph on the left was influential in my planning of this photograph.
The simple lighting and greyscale colouring makes it simply elegant. We also see an upclose shot of a girl and are able to focus on her eye which shows tears falling from it.

Contact Sheets

I have shown all the photographs I captured in the form of a contact sheet. I have drawn a blue box around the photographs which are my favourite and I will expand on these later.

Favourite Images

Idea 2 -

For this idea I want to work with lighting and angles. The different ways of shooting people to convey a variety of emotions. On the left is a quick sketch of some ideas concerning these photographs.

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